Product Reviews

We have 3 Mikes Spikes. As sturdy as the anchor is, it is amazingly light in weight. When driven in as directed, your umbrella ends up correctly positioned with a slight lean into the wind, allowing it to handle any gusts that come up.                                                          Carla Stoddard - Raleigh, NC

The Mikes Spikes Hammerhead could be the season's trendiest product. This popular item can be spotted in use by many veteran sunbathers along our beaches. Kudos to Mike Haney, the inventor!

                                                                                                   Island Review Magazine - July 2017

2013 "Top Beach Accessory"                                                     Casual Living Magazine - July 2013

Your spike works beyond our expectations ! The other day we went to our favorite beach at Lani Kai and the wind was blowing a constant 35 mph . We had the only umbrella standing. It's well worth the cost.                                                                                                   Don Molina - Waipahu , Hawaii

I'm 75 years old and have been a widow for the last 3 years . Since my husband passed away, I have to ask someone to screw my umbrella holder into the sand because it's too difficult for me. One day I noticed Mike putting up his umbrella on the beach and it looked so simple, so I walked over and asked him where he got his anchor. He said that he was the inventor and showed me how easy it worked. Now I can put my umbrella up by myself in less than a minute! 

                                                                                                  Betty Harrington - Ocean Drive , SC  

I took your umbrella spike out to the beach as soon as it arrived . I was immediately impressed by how much easier it was to install than the Sun Twister anchor that I had been using . By mid afternoon the wind was blowing so hard that everyone was having to take their umbrellas down . I never had to . Thanks for a great product !                      Robert Eaton - Deerfield Beach , Florida

We are year round residents at the coast and have always had trouble getting our beach umbrella to stay up . We met a couple on the beach using one of your Mikes Spikes sand anchors and it looked so easy ! Now we have the answer . Thank you so much!   Susan Osborne - Pawley's Island , SC

Our Mikes Spike is everything you said it would be . I have tried just about every sand anchor contraption out there , only to have them break or rust away . All were difficult to install and wouldn't hold up our umbrella in strong winds . Your spike is very easy to install and holds without fail . What else could we ask for ! Many people have watched me installing our spike and want to know where they can get one . Thanks for a great product!                          Charlene Horton - Ocean Drive , SC

We bought a Mike's Spike directly from Mike on a beach in North Carolina several years ago. A great purchase. It works amazingly well, and Mike thought of everything when he designed it, right down to the metal clip that helps make sure the "pounder" stays on the spike when it's not actual in use. Very easy to use, very durable, and very effective.                                                          Robert Guttentag

I am writing to compliment you on a great product. I bought my 1st umbrella spike anchor last year and got a 2nd on my first day of this year's vacation. Your spike works wonderfully and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up our umbrella.  I demo'ed my unit for a lady Sunday who wanted to know how it works, praising the unit, and she said she's buying two.  I'm off to Boulineau's this a.m. to get my 3rd spike.  You've created an easy-to-use, efficient, all-in-one spike that securely holds my umbrellas in place. Excellent accomplishment!                                                                    Mike Hall

Just wanted to say that I received my umbrella anchor and table 2 days before my beach trip as promised. It is a great product and worked perfectly on Amelia Island. Our 9' umbrella didn't hint of blowing down in stiff winds. Anchor was solid, table very handy. My wife easily mastered it, getting the slight lean into the wind just right. We will definitely be contacting you about purchasing an umbrella for next season.                                                                                            Freddie Mullis

This is the best umbrella stand I've ever had! It use to take me least 15 minutes or so to screw the old one into the hard sand. This one takes only a couple of minutes at the most and holds very well in the wind. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but I see this spike lasting as long time. I just
ordered another one.                                                                   Debbie Tarplee - Jacksonville, NC  

Just wanted to tell you that your anchor is the BOMB. This is the BEST beach umbrella anchor ever.  I always struggled with my corkscrew type anchor and usually had to ask a man to help secure it in the sand. This anchor is so easy and sturdy. A kid could do it. Mike, you should go on Shark Tank and make millions off of this invention.                                                                      Tina Patel - NC