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Most Advanced Beach Equipment

At Mikes Spikes, our mission is to provide products that will the ensure the safest and most convenient day on the beach. 

Our flagship invention and product, the "Hammerhead", is the the first and only beach umbrella anchor to feature pile-drive installation. This exclusive design provides the world's strongest hold and easiest installation. When paired with an Umbrella Fella beach table, you'll have it "made in the shade!"

Our Gale Force umbrellas are the best on the beach! Their superior quality and aerodynamic shape ensure a rock solid hold when installed using a Mikes Spikes "Hammerhead". 

Have you ever wished that someone would come up with a beach bag that had enough pockets to organize your towels, umbrella anchor, beach table, magazines, cell phone, keys, wallet, suntan lotion, and a couple of drinks?  Our Coastal Carryall is the answer. This stylish bag is constructed of a military grade material that is waterproof and offered in four vibrant colors. 

Why Mike Spikes?

All Mikes Spikes products are engineered to provide a safer and more convenient day on the beach. "Not only are they a better way, now they are the only way!"


Our commercial grade products are constructed of high quality materials to withstand the strong wind, salt air, and heat of the beach. 

The Mikes Spikes "Hammerhead" is the first and only umbrella anchor to feature pile-drive action. Typical installation can be achieved in less than 60 seconds by women and men of all ages. 

Safety: Mikes Spikes provides the strongest hold in the industry insuring a safe day on the beach. 

The only umbrella anchor that actually works!


 The Mikes Spikes Hammerhead is designed to

 "Hold strong all day long!" 

An integrated slide-weight acts as a hammer to drive the Spike deep into the sand without disturbing the hard packed base. The result is the strongest hold available. 

Why the others don't.


Flying umbrellas are a major hazard on the beach. The most common reason is the default use of auger or screw-in type umbrella holders.These poorly designed products create a loose pocket of sand below the surface as they are installed. In essence they defeat their own purpose. 

Manufactured to last


All Mikes Spikes products are manufactured using durable materials. These commercial grade tools are  built to provide years of safe and easy service.